A Few Words About Us

In 2001, I began looking for an apprenticeship that proved to be difficult (being a female) to enter the industry. I went to numerous tattoo shops during this stage and often got laughed at and lied to, but I suppose that tattoo shops couldn’t vision a homely housewife working in their shops. Over the years I got advice from some pros in the industry, but I still couldn’t seem to get my foot in the door. In 2004, a friend (self-taught tattoo artist) introduced me to the skin I tattooed for the first time. I was wary of tattooing without much knowledge of it and thus, I tattooed very few people without making any money, because I didn’t feel that I could charge for something I was essentially testing out hence the reason this industry is ‘master-apprentice’ taught as it should be. As I searched for a master artist, I performed all the research I could through literature, television, or watching people get tattooed. Four years later a friend called me up looking for a tattoo artist and tells me to meet her dad at the tattoo shop with the little drawings and tattoo photos I had done. Even though I did not have a solid background or experience tattooing, it was a real start under Fidel Casillas who, at the time, had 45 years of tattooing under his belt. Meeting the grumpy looking biker was nerve-racking although I soon learned he was a big teddy bear. The first three weeks working with Fidel gave me more knowledge than the previous four years teaching myself. I soon found myself as the newest member of the Majestic Studio of Tattooing family where I worked for two and a half years. I currently tattoo privately, by appointment only. To setup an appointment, please call (713.518.5651)