Have you been pondering a new tattoo but have no idea where to start? The entire tattooing process from start to finish can be quite intimidating, even if it’s not your first time in the artist’s chair. Understanding the culture and history of tattooing can help guide you in the quest for a meaningful piece of body art that you will wear with both pride and authenticity.


Leather crafting or simply Leathercraft is the practice of making leather into craft objects or works of art, using shaping techniques, coloring techniques or both. We provide a range of these techniques for a custom look.


We provide airbrushing on many different mediums.


Abstract acrylic on canvas

A word about BBP

A blood-borne pathogen is a blood-borne disease that can be spread by cross contamination of blood or other potentially infectious body fluid. If you recognize and understand BBP and cross contamination, you help to reduce the spread of infectious disease. GST exceeds all state health standards and sanitary practices through the use of the ‘clean-hand, dirty-hand’ method. Gypsy Soul Tattoo (GST) advises individuals who are looking for a tattoo NOT to price shop. You get what you pay for in this industry and Hepatitis-C is free. Even the best artist is not a true professional if they do not respect your body. This service is quasi-medical (we are giving a beautiful wound) and it should be respected as so. GST cares about your body and respects it as if it’s our own, and we are here for the life of the tattoo. Even if you choose to get a tattoo from another artist, we are here to educate, inform and advise. Remember, always use a professional.

No pain, no Gain

Tattoos do hurt, but they are not intolerable. The tattoo pigment needs to get into the epidermal layer to be permanent. The easiest way to get it there is with a sharp, sterile object. Poking sharp objects into the epidermis does tend to cause a bit of discomfort, but the end result makes it all worthwhile.


The price of a tattoo varies with the size, detail and color. There is a $40 minimum. The artist can approximate the price of a tattoo with a description, and can work with any budget (within reason). The final cost of a tattoo will be decided before the process begins. Generally, hourly work will run around $100/hr.


The procedures for sterilization go above and beyond what is required by state regulations to reduce the spread of BBP. The staff goes out of their way to ensure your safety as well as their own. Every piece of equipment that touches a customer is completely sterile before the procedure.

Services List

  • Original Body Art

  • Cover-ups

  • Permanent Makeup

  • Custom Handcrafted Leatherwork

  • Clothing Airbrush